So you wanna be a Blogger? You wanna be influential? When Blogging and building influence becomes more than words and pictures.

  My guide to Blogging 101 and my experience at my first content creator SimplyLA Conference I never knew blogging and becoming an influencer required so much time or how much I needed to learn about digital marketing and social media to really be successful at it. When I started my blog, I just wanted to write about my life and how I navigate...
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#SundayFunday… My “At Home” Self-Care Spa Rituals

  How to treat yourself… without breaking the bank and how I pick my work week outfits! With the hustle and bustle of life, work, happy hours, brunches and everything in between, it can be a struggle to make time for yourself and staying true to daily/weekly rituals. When the hustle gets tough, it is mandatory to indulge in self care/ wellness...
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Me & Mariah… the woes of having temperamental medical issues.

  How to cope when your medical issues collide with your social life and just won't let you be great. Most of my friends know me as a busy bee because I'm always doing something or got something on my calendar to handle. I'm quite busy and this past weekend was no different. Friday was supposed to be the beginning of a fun-filled weekend howev...
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The Plastic Fight! Protecting the life of Straws

  The recent ban on plastic drinking straws has the disABLED community up in roar! Why are we fighting so hard to keep plastic on the table? The current hot topic of debate in the disABLED community is the recent ban of plastic straws. According to a recent CNN article , the ban is meant to be a proactive step towards "easing" the burden of pl...
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Two Job Shawty…"You have a job?! Wait! you have two jobs?! How Sway?"

How my second job inspired me to create my blog, speak my truth, and demand a change for the disABLED community. It is no secret that life today requires a lot of time, effort and money to survive and thrive; and many people are taking on multiple jobs and/or hustles to 'secure the bag'… well I'm no different. I've always been one to work multiple ...
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